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Therapeutic Touch

Therapeutic Touchâ„¢ is a modern day version of a variety of ancient healing practices. The practitioner uses near touch within the client's energy field or light touch to ground, support and stimulate the healing process of another person. Forms of hands-on healing and energy work have been performed for centuries.

Dolores Krieger, Ph.D., developed Therapeutic Touch along with Dora Kunz. Together they started investigating the healing power of human energy with a strong scientific approach that has continued to inform the shape and practice of this healing art.

Therapeutic Touch is used in more hospitals than any other integrative modality. It has also distinguished itself by becoming the first form of alternative medicine to be taught in an accredited university setting. It is the most scientifically researched of the complimentary therapies with studies indicating that TT can speed up the mending of bones and fractures, accelerate recovery from surgery, lower blood pressure and alleviate chronic pain.

For more information contact:  
Therapeutic Touch Network of Ontario

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