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Conditions helped by Bowen

Bowen Therapy

Since there are no vigorous manipulations used in the treatment, the technique is safe to use on anyone from new-borns to the elderly.

Bowen achieves profound and lasting relief from a wide range of conditions:

Musculo-Skeletal Pain
Ankle problems                                    Arthritic pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome                     Frozen Shoulder
Fibromyalgia                                         Foot problems
Gait disorders                                       Headaches
Hernia                                                    Knee and Hip restrictions
Leg length discrepancies                   Migraine
Pelvic problems                                   Plantar Fasciitis
Postural problems                                Repetitive strain injuries
Sciatica                                                 Scoliosis
Shin splints                                             Shoulder pain
Sports injuries                                        Tennis elbow
TMJ syndrome

Respiratory Problems
Allergies                                                Asthma
Bronchitis                                              Hay Fever

Digestive Problems
Bowel problems                                   Constipation
Colic                                                      Crohn’s disease
Indigestion                                            Irritable bowel disease

Gynecological Problems
Breast lumps                                        Infertility
Mastitis                                                  Pre-menstrual syndrome

Additional Treatments
Balance problems                              Bed-wetting in children
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome               Earaches & ear infections
Hemorrhoids                                        Tinnitus
Prostatic Problems                              Seizures

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