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Flower Essences

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are prepared with the flower blossoms of plants placed in a bowl of pure water, set in the sun to infuse the energy vibration of the flower into the water, then preserved with brandy. This form of vibrational medicine combines chi energies within living organisms such as plants. The essences are then bottled and dispensed through eyedropper bottles.
Illness, physical imbalances and dis-eases, result when we are out of balance, lose awareness, are disconnected from others, or our life purpose. These flower essences are used in healing our physical, etheric, astral, and spiritual bodies.

Flower Essence of the week:

Blue Flax Linum perenne, ssp. Lewisii
Linaceae, Flax Family
Psyche: Allows one to yield to things one has had a "charge" around, that are not so important as to lose one's center; for instance, in an argument, assists recognition of what one is willing to give up. Releases fixations, rigid attitudes, tantrums, inappropriate use of will. Brings clarity, centering, integrity of self, discernment to what is highest option; releases harsh attitudes that create strife among family, friends.

Letting go, for those who hold on and won’t let themselves ‘come undone’. Provides gentle release of constriction on an emotional and mental level. Useful for times in our growth when shedding, releasing and letting go is called for. Helps us see where our patterns of holding on are blocking our growth.

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