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Katie at 7 months, with her           Katie at 2 1/2 years ~ 2006
Mom, Carolyn  ~ 2004

I am a true believer in the power of Bowen. Since Kaitlyn began her treatments she has flourished. She came to you as a Colic two month old suffering a birth injury that left her with a limp and twisted left arm. The analysis from pediatricians and physiotherapists was that it would take a year for the arm's nerves to heal and that she may never have complete strength and her physical developments would lag behind others her age as a result.
With the very first treatment there was improvement. The colic lessened and stopped within a week. After her initial shoulder procedure, before an hour had passed, she had gained visually increased movement. As time went on and she continued her treatments she progressed. Kaitlyn is now seven months and to anyone who doesn't know about the injury they would never guess. She has progressed through the physical milestones as well as any baby would. I believe this is due to her treatments and her own desire to heal. It is truly amazing to witness.
Thank you Liz, your work is incredible!
Carolyn ~ January 2004
Added June 2008: Carolyn is has completed Bowen Module 6 and is well on her way to becoming a wonderful Bowen Practitioner
~ Liz ~

I played a lot of sports as a teenager and in the process suffered a lot of ankle injuries.  I am now in my mid-twenties and for the last three years have been experiencing an unbearable pain in both of my knees whenever I attempted to do any physical activities (walking, running etc.).
A co-worker suggested Bowen Therapy in order to rehabilitate my knees.  As the average person would be, I was sceptical about this form of treatment.  After putting it off for one year, mostly due to my scepticism, I decided to undergo the treatment.  After one session of Bowen Therapy and 2 weeks of doing the recommended knee exercise and the 3 Ws (walk, water, warm), I experienced a huge relief in both knees.  For the first three days following the session, I experienced a slight pain in my left knee (which was the worst of the two knees), however, after that the pain seemed to have disappeared.
I am amazed and pleasantly surprised of the outcome, as it seems that one session of Bowen Therapy corrected three years of pain.  Even with the amazing result, I was still sceptical that Bowen Therapy actually worked for me.  I was only convinced that it worked for me after I was able to enjoy a day at an amusement park.  During that day I walked for 4 - 6 hours without any pain in the knees (prior to the treatment I was limited to 15-30 minutes of walking before experiencing any pain).
I am totally convinced that this form of treatment is capable of correcting any joint problems and would recommend Bowen Therapy in a heartbeat to anyone experiencing any joint problems/pains.

Nirvaan Persaud ~ July 9, 04

If you have been dealing with pain, short-term or long-term, and you aren't feeling relief, then perhaps you feel as I did - you'll try anything! I was told about Bowen because of a sore shoulder that had been treated for 3 months by a chiropractor, without a great deal of noticeable improvement.
The Bowen sessions were very relaxing and the procedures were gentle and non-intrusive. The results for some treatments were apparent right away. Other feelings or results showed up during the next few days. Some procedures required a follow-up of some very simple daily exercises. I had sessions for my shoulder as well as my lower back, and there is great improvement in both areas. I also noticed a great feeling of wellness and I have more energy.
Donna ~ May 2004

Re: Bowen Therapy
As with most people, I had no idea what 'Bowen' was about. Having an aching back for over 2 solid years, as well as other areas of aches and pains, I was willing to give anything a try. Doctors and Chiropractors didn't seem to help very much either. Upon my first contact with Bowen, I had an overwhelming sense of relaxation that made me stand up and take notice. Intrigued by its possibilities, I pursued farther. My back was the main reason I started Bowen Therapy, but very quickly I started feeling improvements throughout my body. My history of physical limitations and injuries is long, including having had a broken neck, and improvement in several areas treated so far, including my back and neck, has given me a lot of confidence that further results will be obtained. A few short months ago, I didn't think that was possible
John ~ May 2004

Hi Liz,
Sorry I took so long to let you know how I am doing with my aches and pains. Well I have good news...I continue to improve each day and my pain level is reduced  (on a scale from one to one time I was probably about an 8 and now I am happy to say pain level is 3). I am doing the exercises that you gave me plus I am walking every day. I no longer need my arch supports. I feel so fortunate that you crossed my path and that you were able to provide good help for me and provide exercises that continue to help me improve on a daily basis...I am truly blessed thanks to you...many thanks from the bottom of my I must ensure that I faithfully do my exercises.    
God Bless,
Mary M, Nova Scotia ~ September 2003


Hi there:  First off, sorry for the delay in sending you a message to say thank you for taking the time to do a Bowen Treatment on my foot when I was in Ontario.  There was almost instant relief, and can honestly say, that today I noticed that there is nothing hurting anymore.  Wow, just fantastic.  Just wish you were closer.
Brenda, Nova Scotia ~ September 2004


During the summer of 2004 a friend took me to a group who were a great help to her. At the time I had been cancer free for years but at the same time I had undergone ‘Genetic testing’. The results put me in an 80% chance of cancer reoccurring. Specialists were advising me to have preventative surgery and medication.
An old and ongoing physical problem was a head and hand tremor. The tremor was diagnosed and I was given a prescription, a pill I was to take every day. I rarely took them and just accepted the tremor. It affected my writing.
The head tremor caused a constant strain and pain in my neck through to my left shoulder; the right side was not affected as much.
My thyroid was also affected, according to the Doctor, by the constant head tremor. The thyroid is monitored regularly but never needed medication.
Another problem I was having was a regular swelling and pain from my left shoulder to my hand. The symptom also included flu-like symptoms, this would last for hours, and it followed a day of physical activities. The problem started after breast cancer and lymph node surgery and radiation.
Then, after attending this ‘group’ meeting and meeting Liz and the others, Liz gave me a number of Bowen treatments. Liz worked on my neck and shoulder.
Since the Bowen treatment the tremor has significantly reduced. There is no pain from my neck to my shoulder. I am able to write this since the Bowen treatment. My writing before was impossible. (It hasn’t improved my spelling)
I no longer have any swelling or problems with my arm since Liz did ‘Scar Release’.
I am also feeling more confident on the cancer situation. I am debating taking the medication, I have had some preventative surgery but again I’m taking my time on having any more.
The specialist I see accepts and respects my decision and I’m monitored regularly.
Erin, Ontario ~ March 2005

I haven't had any problems with my back. Sometimes it hurts at night if I've had a hard days work, but the pain is almost always gone the next day.
A while ago, I offered to give you a written testimony of what Bowen and you have done for me, so here it is:
Before I knew about Bowen Therapy, I lived in almost constant pain. I was suffering from damaged vertebrae in my spine. It was painful to lift more than 20 pounds, and every morning I woke up in agony. I heard about Bowen Therapy and in desperation tried it. Liz, my Therapist worked on me through 8 treatments and now the pain is gone. My Doctor told me that it was a lifelong ailment. She was wrong. I owe my improved health to Bowen Therapy
Best Wishes ~ Jeff Milton ~ 2005

A Surprise Gift at the Conference
When you go to the conference (Therapeutic Touch Conference) you never know what you’re going to discover but you can be sure you’ll learn about something new and exciting.  I always enjoy browsing through the marketplace and this year I bought a few small gifts there but I have never bought anything at the silent auction.  I’m neither a big spender, nor a big gift giver so I generally just take a glance along the table without much ambition.  However, this time an envelope caught my eye.  It was a gift certificate for a Bowen Treatment donated by Liz Corbett.  Liz is a TT (Therapeutic Touch) practitioner whose address is Acton.  I’m a bit vague when it comes to the geography of Ontario but I did recall some advertising jingle that claimed it was worth the drive to Action.  I also recalled that a young woman at a TT practice group had recommended Bowen as a way of treating my shoulder pain, but I’d never followed it up.  Anyway, I saw that someone had bid $20 so, somewhat sheepishly, I added another $5 and, knowing this to be a ridiculously low fee, decided I would be unlikely to ‘win’.  I was wrong and at the end of the day claimed my prize.  
This pain in my shoulder and neck is one that I had been carrying around for most of my life.  It may have begun in high school and various layers had added to it over the years.  After some surgery in 2005 it became more severe and I began going to a chiropractor. I went regularly for over a year with mixed results, the main one being that I developed a ‘chiropractic dependency’.  And so I was really hoping for some lasting help when I set out on that drive to Acton to Liz’s house which is out in the country not too far from Guelph.  After questioning me closely about the nature and history of the pain she started the treatment.  I lay fully dressed, face down on a massage table and Liz placed her fingers on very specific places, mainly beside the spine and gently moved the skin back and forth or sometimes in a circular way.  Each movement was very small and was repeated on the opposite side and after each movement she left the room and closed the door for 2 minutes. I don’t know how long this went on as I quickly became very relaxed and almost fell asleep.  At some point I turned over and there was more of the same on my front. Afterwards she did something with my shoulders and showed me some simple exercises to be done daily.  She also gave me some other instructions to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.  In order for the treatment to have a lasting effect, I needed to have another treatment in 7 days and so Liz gave me a website where I could find a therapist near me.  In the beginning I felt a bit spacey and I could sense energy traveling through my spine and activity in my head. But the immediate relief was in my neck and shoulder.  For the first time in many months I slept through the night and the vertebrae that had needed constant adjustments slipped into place.  Apparently this treatment stimulates the energy flow and enables the body to reset itself back to optimum health.  For the first few weeks I kept expecting the results to wear off but, remarkably, the benefits seem to increase.  I found a naturopath near me who gave me the follow-up treatment and I can honestly say that the pain has completely disappeared.  It is now two months since that drive to Acton (definitely worth it!) and every day when I do the exercises, the freedom in my arm amazes me.  It seems almost miraculous. Bidding on that silent auction just may be the best gift I have ever given myself.  
Coincidentally, at the conference, I bought some tea from Kim Elkington who runs the Algonquin Tea Company and we chatted a bit about a mutual friend.  Kim writes a column in Vitality magazine and when I picked up the December issue, I was surprised to read that she also is a recently certified Bowen Therapist. She describes it as being “like a homeopathic version of massage, where less is more”
Bowen can provide relief for many health problems.  If you want to find out more you can go to Liz Corbett’s website at or to find a therapist near you  at
Linda LeRoux - January 2007

As an elderly Mother at 82, Liz has treated me often for back-aches, sore muscles and bones.  I always walked away with complete relief of my problems.  
That is why I want to mention a recent incident which turned out to be a miracle.  
This year I traveled to Liz’s with my other daughter to spend Easter at her house. On the way we made a stop at a Service Center.  I slipped in the wet washroom, fell back and hit the center of my back on the metal flush pipe which caused me excruciating pain. Coming out of the washroom I told my daughter, who was the driver that I had to go back to the car immediately. I could barely walk and almost passed out.   
When we arrived at Liz’s place she was shocked at the way I moved, all bent over.  Right away she helped me onto the treatment table while I moaned.  She treated me for over an hour and I could get off the table by myself.  The pain was not completely gone but the following days it got better and better.  Another treatment six days later gave me almost complete relief.  I was so fortunate to have arrived at Liz’s.  And I have no after effects of this fall.  What a miracle!
Our planned trip out West, which was schedule for the next week, did  not have to be cancelled and we had a wonderful time.
I am the biggest promoter for Bowen therapy, because it works!  
Liz’s MOM - August 2007

I am a true believer in Bowen Therapy.
I had a tendon torn in my rotator cuff and had all kinds of treatments for over 2 years, i.e. sport therapy, chiropractor, massage and acupuncture. I ended up with the tendon torn apart and the surgeon would not operate to put it together. I had to take pain killers and sleeping pills to get any rest at all and I had very limited movement in my arm.
A friend told me about Bowen and I thought well, I have tried everything else so why not give it a try.
After 3 treatments, doing the Bowen exercises Liz asked me what would I like help in most and I replied to stop taking pain killers and sleeping pills - Liz suggested I try to stop tonight and I did, and started sleeping again with no heavy head in the morning. Also, I regained full movement of my arm and no pain.
I believe in Bowen and I know I feel so much better physically and mentally.
John - August 2007

Hello. I’d like to share an experience with you.
I have been diagnosed with macular degeneration. Needless to say any eye problem can be scary and I was.
So in the summer of 2009, when for 3 mornings in a row I woke up with only partial eye sight, the centre of both eyes were black, I assumed it was macular degeneration.
The family Doctor thought I could have had a stroke. I went for an ultrasound on the neck, no sign of vein problems, no stroke, but there was a growth on the thyroid. I had another ultrasound, and then I was injected with dye. Lastly, some x-rays.
I then saw another Doctor, he suggested I have surgery. He said the growth on my thyroid was the biggest he had seen, and not to bother having the growth biopsied.
I decided to wait and have the biopsy done, mostly just to postpone the surgery.
I contacted Liz Corbett, who has helped me with health issues in the past. Liz did Bowen Therapy over a number of visits.
When I went to have the needle aspiration for the biopsy done, the ultrasound showed the growth was too small to take the samples needed to do the biopsy.
The only changes in that time were the Bowen treatments.
Marian Odorico - May 2010

I have known Liz Corbett now for about eight years.  She came into my life at a very emotional time and has been an intricate part of it since.  She has helped me through curing a “heel spur” in less than six months.  I had a heel spur on the other foot previous to this time and it took almost a year and a half to say it was cured.  Now, I understand that on the second one I realized what it was sooner, but with her help with the use of Bowen it really healed faster.  She has also helped me to shorten the length of time and some of the discomforts of the ordinary cold.  About four years ago she did a protocol for my knee and hip and inadvertently helped my sleep by my avoiding getting up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. Recently I was having some hip discomfort for a few weeks.  I was trying to wash my feet in the shower and I tried to bring my right leg up to cross at my knee, I felt very stiff and sore in the hip area.  After ONE treatment with Bowen the stiffness is gone.  I have never had a treatment give me that immediate relief.  I am a believer.
Elinor Fuller  - August 2010

Long Term Low Back Problem and Chronic Pain
My symptoms prevented me from walking any distance, hiking and swimming. I have seen Liz since March and am still in the early stages of taking care, going for short walks and slowly started to swim again. I am cutting down on my meds. Since March Liz gave me some exercises to do. They are great and help a lot. Liz advises to drink water, keep warm and walk. My mobility has improved, pain somewhat easier. Liz has been blessed by the Lord Jesus Christ so she can share this Bowen treatment with many people. Liz is a very professional caring, kind, person. I have no problem recommending her to people I meet.
God Bless you Liz!
Erwin ~ June, 2012

The Vicious Cycle of Pain and Stress is Broken with Bowen Therapy
Working in a fast paced retail environment comes with a considerable amount of stress, both physical and mental. In order to compensate for the negative effects it was having on me I would walk. This form of exercise would help me to clear my mind and recharge my body. Most days after work I would walk between 8-10 kilometers. This helped me to stay fit, increase my energy levels, and restore my peace of mind. As the result of a fall, I suffered an injury to the muscles in my lower back. I found myself in constant pain. This made working even more stressful than before. The physical demands of my job used up all of my energy. I was unable to go on my daily walks. After almost 8 weeks the level of pain had not decreased at all.
Fortunately for me I ran into Liz Corbett. That meeting changed my life. Liz booked me in for a Bowen Therapy session. After Liz worked on me I could actually stand up straight and walk without pain. It was wonderful! Being very careful to follow Liz’s instructions I went back to work. The pain had started to decrease but it was still there. Approximately 2 weeks later I met with Liz for another session. I felt so much better after that appointment. Again, I noticed a shift in the level of pain. As I began to feel better I noticed a pattern emerging. The pain lessened considerably when I was away from the stress and negativity of my work environment.
Recently I was offered a new job with another employer. The day I handed in my resignation I noticed a huge difference in my pain levels. Each day the pain decreased. In the span of 1 week I was pain free.
I am so very grateful to Liz for helping my body to release the pain.
Thank you Liz, from the bottom of my heart. You have supported me and helped me to be able to live an active life again.
With sincere gratitude and thanks!

Wendy Klatt ~ December, 2012

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